Show Rooms

If you interested in products of  Deutsches Haus,  please visit our show rooms in Tbilisi. Our consultants will help you with your choice and answer on interested questions.

Deutsches Haus  has three Show Rooms on the addresses below:




Show Room 1 Show Room 2 Show Room 3
The left bank of river Mtkvari,
back side of Mountian Chemistry Building.
Tbilisi, Georgia
25B Adam Mitskevich str. 
Tbilisi, Georgia
140 Ak. Tsereteli Ave.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: +995 322 94-56-08 Phone: +995 557 57-57-61 Phone: +995 577 727-406
               +995 322 14-67-37              +995 557 57-57-61
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Deutsches Haus, გერმანული სახლი მაღაზია1